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Trampoline 12ft 2in1 Safety Net Ladder Spring Rain Cover Tool 366cm Heavy Duty

   SKYFLYER RING garden trampoline 2in1 366cm 12FT - TR0030. Brand New, Genuine and Original. The durability of the anti-corrosion coating, i. The zinc coating on steel, is on average from 30 to even 50 years! Under the condition of mechanical scratching. Brand : SKYFLYER Product Number : TR0030 Diameter : 366 cm Mat height from the ground : approx. 88 cm Height with net (total) : approx. 263 cm Mesh height : approx. 175 cm Number of galvanized legs U : 4 Diameter of galvanized U tube legs : 38mmx 1.5mm Vertical legs : 26mm x 1.5mm Number of galvanized posts for safety net : 8 ...